Aveda found that a majority of plastic bottle caps do not get recycled today.

Often these caps end up as litter or trash and migrate into our rivers and oceans. Birds and other marine creatures mistake them for food with tragic results. The magnitude of this pollution problem is devastating to our oceans and wildlife.

In partnership with community schools, preschool through 12th grade, we have built a recycling program for plastic bottle caps. Aveda has been able to work closely with our suppliers to develop ways to make new caps from the recycled caps We currently incorporate caps into our professional hair care line and will continue to incorporate recycled caps into future Aveda products. Due to the enormous growth over the last few years, the schools program has reached capacity, and as of January 31, 2011 new school enrollments are no longer being accepted.

What type of caps do we collect?
The program accepts caps that are rigid plastic, sometimes noted with a 5 in the chasing arrows recycling symbol.

This includes caps that twist on with a threaded neck such as caps on shampoo, water, soda, milk and other beverage bottles and pharmaceutical lids, flip top caps on tubes and food product bottles (such as ketchup and mayonnaise), laundry detergents and some jar lids such as peanut butter. Click here to download a Cap Collection Guide.

Excluded from collection are non rigid lids such as yogurt lids, tub lids (margarine, cottage cheese), and screw on lids that are not rigid. Please do not include any metal lids or plastic pumps or sprayers. Unfortunately, too much of the wrong types of materials can contaminate the recycling process.

A primary goal for this program is to encourage local recyclers to accept plastic bottle caps. Please support this by advocating for this recycling improvement in your community.

Like to color or know a child who does?
Click here for a Fun and Educational Recycle Caps with Aveda Coloring Page. Enjoy!

For more information, contact capcollection@aveda.com or call 1-877-Aveda09.

* * Due to transportation, logistics and resource availability, only schools in the contiguous 48 state were eligible to participate.**

Media Statement
Due to the overwhelmingly enthusiastic reaction to the Aveda Cap Collection Program across the country, we have reached capacity for school enrollments—more than 1600 schools are currently contributing to our collection.

We encourage your school to speak with its local recycling provider about integrating #5 plastics collection in its curbside service or local drop-off facility. This in-community integration was a main goal of the Aveda Cap Collection Program, and has started in some communities due to schools' efforts. We thank you in advance for your commitment to the environment.

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