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National Audubon Society Partnership

In early 2016, Aveda launched Aveda LoveComposition Oil with a sensual aroma featuring Australian sandalwood and certified organic vetiver and jasmine, created to honor the life and legacy of Aveda founder Horst Rechelbacher with $4 per bottle donated to support the National Audubon Society’s global climate change initiatives. The pure flower and plant essences in Aveda Loveare those Horst loved to wear, and are sourced with the deep love and respect he had for the Earth.

The partnership will continue to grow in 2018 with Aveda supporting Audubon’s Plants for Birds campaign. Aveda Experience Centers will host in-store events along with their local Audubon chapters to educate and engage guests on the importance of restoring critical habitat for birds, bees, butterflies and people with a focus on native plants. This will include a strong focus on community volunteerism to restore green community spaces in both city and rural areas.

A decade ago, Aveda joined forces with a number of Audubon Society chapters to establish one of the strongest Earth Month partnerships. Beginning with the Audubon Ohio Chapter in 2007, the partnership grew to include Audubon Minnesota in 2008, followed by Audubon Kansas, Audubon Missouri, Audubon Nebraska, Audubon North Dakota and Audubon South Dakota in 2010. The Aveda network salons partner with their local Audubon chapters to help fund programs aimed at safeguarding water for birds and people by improving the health of freshwater resources and protecting and restoring critical wetlands, lake and river systems and floodplain forests. For Aveda, birds are an important part of our intricate ecosystem and a crucial piece of the biodiversity we depend on for our products. Aveda’s partnership with Audubon is a keystone Earth Month effort that illustrates Aveda’s commitment to making a meaningful impact for healthy ecosystems.

In 2016, Aveda raised a total of $503,482 for Audubon chapters across seven states.


“For over three decades, Aveda has inspired millions of people by showing us how wellness, strength, and beauty are possible when we take the time to nurture and restore our bodies and our planet. That principle is the foundation for Audubon Minnesota’s Earth Month partnership, which has helped us restore our treasured Mississippi River by planting thousands of trees each year that clean up our water and provide habitat for birds. As our precious waters face increased pressure from overuse and pollution, Aveda has emerged as a global leader through its commitment to changing how we treat our lakes, rivers, and drinking water. With Aveda’s support and inspiration, Audubon Minnesota is engaging children and young adults all over the state by connecting clean water to the people and birds who depend on it. Our goal is to instill in them a lifelong appreciation and passion for protecting our water so that we can leave a legacy of clean, abundant water for future generations.”

Molly Pederson, Executive Director, Audubon Minnesota

One Voice, One World” Petition to Global Leaders at Climate Conference

In autumn 2015, Aveda partnered with the National Audubon Society to raise awareness around the importance of protecting birds and people from climate change. According to their Audubon Birds and Climate Change Report, nearly half of the North American bird species could be imperiled by shrinking and shifting ranges caused by climate change.

Aveda and Audubon launched a petition called ‘One Voice, One World’ which educated our Aveda network, employees and guests on the serious impact our warming planet has on birds, and invited them to voice their concern to be shared with world leaders at the COP21 United Nations climate conference in Paris. Over 27,000 signatures were collected from 76 countries and delivered to leaders requesting their commitment to build a better world for birds and people through clean air, clean water, clean energy and healthy, natural spaces.


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