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BEAUTY | JUNE 13, 2017

Styling Essential #1:

Air Control

Use our most versatile hair spray to create myriad effects and looks.

Air Control™ Light Hold Hair Spray is the little black dress of mists: it’s flexible, versatile, and can make your look, no matter the occasion. Unlike hair sprays of the past, which locked you into one style until your next shampoo, Air Control™ is made with pine-derived resin, jojoba and aloe, and other technologies for touchable hold. Our carefully crafted formula enables you to comb through hair right after spraying on Air Control™, and manipulate your style however you want.


First, the basics. For optimal results, Allen Ruiz, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Styling, says to spray on Air Control™ in short, quick bursts, eight to 12 inches away from head for the lightest hold, and four to eight inches away from head for firmer hold. Don’t forget, you can always layer on more spray to increase your hold.


If it’s volume you’re after, Allen suggests sectioning your hair down each side in thirds and spraying Air Control™ into your roots. Massage the mist into your roots and allow to dry fully—then behold your newfound oomph.


To define bangs, Allen likes to spray a comb with Air Control™ then brush it through fringe to produce a piece-y effect. Air Control™ can also be used to tamp down fly-aways: Simply spray into hands and pat down errant strands with palms.

For more advanced styling options, try using Air Control™ to create loose waves or a refined ponytail. To do the wave, take a 1⁄2" section of hair, spray it from roots to ends and wrap sections of hair around your chosen heat-styling tool to produce sexy ripples. Finger-comb the waves, and spray them with more Air Control™ to add texture.


For a prettier pony, take a piece of hair from the underside of the ponytail, liberally spray the entire piece and then wrap it around the hair elastic. Air Control™ will help keep the wrap in place. Set the style with one final spray and a blast of cool air from a blow dryer.  Easy!




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