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Are you looking for your next amazing hair color? Do you want to go bold and try the latest trending hues? Or maybe you’re just looking to go a shade or two lighter than your natural look. Whatever your dream hair color may be, our Virtual Color Tool is sure to help you find it, all from home.


After you’ve found the ultimate inspiration, the next step is prepping your hair for a healthy- looking, color-ready foundation. We’ll walk you through the steps to take before your next color appointment, and give you tips to maintain your color long after you leave the salon.





Our Virtual Color Tool lets you play with a rainbow of colors to find the perfect one for you.



Changing your hair color is always so exciting, yet finding the right inspiration can be a long process. Online searches and flipping through magazines can help, but don’t take into account your skin tone or your existing color. And we know how stressful it can be to find just the right shade—it’s a decision that impacts your entire look.


This is why we created our powerful and intuitive Virtual Color Tool. It makes exploring your next hair color easy and fun. Our tool gives you an interactive experience, allowing you to test hair dye colors on yourself through your computer camera. Try on 64 blonde, brunette, red and vibrant colors.


Not only does our Virtual Color Tool help you find the right natural hair colors, it also allows you to experiment with the latest color trends. A curated selection of bold shades lets you try on daring looks without the commitment. Plus, the tool features our “Color Melt” ombre effect, in 30 shades, bringing your color dreams to life. You can also vary the coverage of these shades, while playing with different combinations against your existing hair color.


Begin by uploading a photo of yourself or turning on the live camera mode. Then your creativity has free reign! Our tool puts inspiration at your fingertips, while giving you a feel for every look before committing to a color in the salon chair.





We wanted to take the worry out of the color search equation. The technology behind our Virtual Color Tool takes into account your base hair color and the lighting conditions in your surroundings. This ensures it delivers an accurate virtual color effect that matches the results from a coloring in your Aveda salon. Now you’ll be able to picture what you’ll look like in your new hair color, after your appointment.


Wendy Prior, Aveda Executive Director of Technical Education, explained that using photos of other people from social media in a hair color you love (for inspiration) may not show if the shade is right for you. However, an image from the Virtual Color Tool of the shade actually shown on your hair is a great place for your Aveda Artist to start.


Then they can discuss with you what you love about the shade and how to tailor it to your hair. Wendy tells us this is why the Virtual Color Tool took several months to create, as time and attention were devoted to ensuring each shade accurately depicted an achievable result, with the same richness and quality of tone.


Once you know which particular shade you love, your Aveda Artist can customize the warmth, coolness, brightness or softness of the shade.


Read on to discover tips and products to give your hair the proper care before and after your color appointment.




Pre-appointment care ensures a healthy-looking, color-ready foundation and post-appointment maintenance helps ensure a long-lasting, vibrant shade.





Damage control: To prep hair for beautiful color that lasts, you’ll first need to know how to repair damaged hair. Our cruelty free damage remedy collection is formulated with quinoa protein and instantly repairs hair damage and help protect hair.


For your hair prep routine, use damage remedy restructuring shampoo and conditioner, to help repair and strengthen damaged hair. For damaged hair repair our 98% naturally derived* vegan damage remedy daily hair repair reduces breakage by 90%** in just one week. This leave-in treatment will help protect against thermal damage up to 450 degrees, while macadamia, a conditioning oil, helps smooth the hair’s surface.


For hair that needs deeper repair, use damage remedy intensive restructuring treatment after you shampoo. Formulated with essential protein and lipids, this restorative treatment intelligently targets damaged hair sites, helping reinforce the integrity of the hair from roots to ends. Once you care for your hair’s damage, you’ll help return it to a smoother, stronger state, making it color-ready.



Hydrated and healthy hair: When you restore your hair’s hydration, it becomes lush and healthier looking, creating a better foundation for color. If you have dry hair, give it the nourishing hydration it needs to take on new color with our vegan and cruelty free nutriplenish collection. Formulated for all hair types and textures, this 94% naturally derived* line is packed with nutrient-powered superfoods and infuses hair with moisture.


Begin by choosing the right shampoo and conditioner for your type of hair. Our nutriplenish light moisture shampoo and conditioner is perfect for finer locks, while nutriplenish deep moisture shampoo and conditioner is best for coarse to medium hair.


Whichever you choose, you’ll experience the power of omega-5-rich organic pomegranate oil as it replenishes dry strands with hydration. Mango butter packed with fatty acids also helps nourish and smooth hair. Spray on nutriplenish leave-in conditioner for added moisture that lasts for 72 hours. This dry hair remedy also helps protect against the drying effects of the sun, thanks to a naturally derived UV filter.





Shiny and protected: Once you’ve received your incredible new color, you’ll want to maintain its depth, vibrancy and shine with the right color care routine. Our color control collection helps protect hair color by preventing fading.


Start by using the color control shampoo, silicone-free shampoo which gently cleanses hair while effectively reducing color fade and the color control conditioner, silicone free formula conditions and detangles hair, seals cuticle and helps maintain beautiful color with radiant shine. 100% vegan color protection up to 8 weeks. ***



Whatever your hair color goals are, you’ll find endless inspiration with our Virtual Color Tool. Discover the perfect hue, plus the right hair care collections to prep for and protect your new color.





Virtually explore new hair colors with our 65 shades so you can find your new look.






* From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.

** When used daily, in a repeat grooming study vs non-conditioning shampoo.

***Based on 24 washes.