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The Sunday Scaries — you’ve heard of them and you’ve probably experienced them from time to time. They often occur on a Sunday evening, just as you’re preparing for a new work or school week, and they can totally ruin your night. Does the very thought of Monday morning strike terror into your soul? It doesn’t have to! We chatted with Aveda employee Stephanie, who is also a health coach, about reframing the way we look at Sunday nights and Monday mornings and how to create a ritual that makes a new week feel exciting, not dreadful.


Be prepared. According to Stephanie, the best way to combat the Sunday Scaries is by preparing for the week ahead. Sit down with your calendar for the week and look at what your week is like. Plot in the most important things so you know what needs your attention most. If there are super-important things that you need to get done that week, book a meeting with yourself in your calendar to do them! Block times to exercise, grocery shop or whatever else you may have on your to-do list. Don’t forget to plot in your self-care, too.


Make your meals ahead of time. No one likes scrambling to get dinner on the table or eating fast food for lunch at work every day. If you want to stay on track with your healthy eating, take some time to meal prep on Sunday. Make sure you have a couple easy meals you’ve put together or ingredients for meals during the week so you’re not getting takeout or eating out. Pack up your lunch for Monday, and don’t forget to set the coffee maker for the morning! Set your to-go mug next to it for easy “out the door” access and if you’re forgetful, write a note to yourself so you don’t leave your lunch in the fridge.


Relaaaaax. One of Stephanie’s best tips is to make sure that your Sunday evening isn’t filled with a bunch of activity and that you have time to relax. Set the tone for your week by ending Sunday in a more peaceful place. Not sure where to start? These are the easy rituals Stephanie swears by.

- Have a Sunday family dinner and enjoy a meal with the people you love. It’s the perfect night to get everyone together to get excited about the new week ahead.

- Reflect on your goals and intentions for the week. Stephanie calls it time to “keep your eye on the prize.” You can do this by journaling, meditating or simply sitting with yourself in quiet contemplation.

- Take a little “me time” with a relaxing bath ritual. This could be something like relaxing by candlelight, reading a book, having a glass of wine or doing a bathtub meditation. “Set your nervous system in a place where you’re feeling you aren’t running into the week with super crazy energy,” Stephanie says. Before you know it, you’ll be looking forward to Monday morning!