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WELLNESS | JULY 20, 2018





Despite the fact that it’s arguably the best season ever, summer can also be stressful. Your weekends may be jam-packed with all sorts of activities, from weddings to family time to musical festivals, and what’s supposed to be a relaxing season can feel overwhelming.


If your calendar is filling up fast and you’re feeling exhausted in advance, take time during your summer to focus on yourself. You can’t care for others unless you’re taking care of YOU too, so make relaxation and stress relief a priority whenever you can this season.


Get up early. Of course it’s tempting to sleep in on the weekend, and we don’t blame you for wanting to catch a little extra shut-eye on your days off. However, if you get up just a little bit earlier than usual on the weekend, you’ll have more time to get things accomplished — and to do things you want to do, be it sitting outside with a cup of coffee in the morning or taking 20 minutes for a quick walk.


Book a weekend away. It may require a little extra planning on your part, but if you really want to get away from it all, actually get away! Book a mini-vacation (or a staycation) doing the things you like best, from outdoor activities to delicious meals. Sometimes getting away from your usual routine for a few days can reset your entire outlook.


Turn off your phone. Put away the distractions of your smartphone or your tablet and be present in the moment. We spend so much time scrolling, double-tapping and texting that it can make our stress worse, so when you’re feeling overwhelmed or in need of a break, put your devices in another room for a little while and focus on doing something that calms you, like reading a book or playing with your kids or pet.

Go for a walk. Take the dog, a friend or go solo and listen to a podcast or a favorite playlist — or opt to just enjoy the sounds of the world around you. There’s no need to walk for miles, but a short walk — especially trying a new route — can literally take you places you’ve never been.


Grab your bike! Aveda employee and certified health coach Stephanie loves wheeling around on the weekend. “Nice summertime weather lends itself to spending more time outdoors. Spend a weekend finding creative ways to get on your bike,” she says. “Explore new trails, ride the local greenway to the farmers market, or even take a ride on the wild side and see how many of your errands you can complete on your bike! It’s a great way to get a healthy dose of exercise and vitamin D while enjoying the weather.”


Learn how to say “no thanks!” It’s OK to say no! If you’re really feeling worn out by your summer plans, take a step back and think about whether committing to an engagement is right for you at the moment. It’s hard to get things done well when your plate is too full, so don’t be scared to politely decline or suggest a new time when things aren’t so crazy!


Treat yourself. It sounds silly to book time on your own Google Calendar, but if it works at work, it works on the weekends too! Hold an hour or two to treat yourself to a mani-pedi, facial, haircut, a new shampoo, a fancy candle … anything that will make you feel relaxed. You deserve it!