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Five easy curly hairstyles for summer

Temperatures are on the rise. Pulling off hot-weather curly hairstyles can be more challenging. Hair may become drier, more frizz-prone, flatter or bigger depending on your hair type and texture. Read on for five ways to make summer styling a breeze with our NEW multi-benefit, 5-in-1 styling foam that delivers a nourished, soft hold for lush, healthier-looking hair.


Curly girl’s blowout


Here’s the curly girl's guide to a lushly-hydrated blowout. First, gently cleanse and condition using nutrient-powered nutriplenish shampoo and conditioner in deep or light moisture. Then, generously apply our NEW superfood-infused nutriplenish styling treatment foam through damp hair to help fight frizz and flyaways, plus protect from heat styling up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit or 232 degrees Celsius. Finally, before blow drying, spray our leave-in conditioner evenly throughout hair for 72 hours of added moisture. Separate hair into sections and blow dry section by section. For a classic blowout tutorial led by Aveda Institute grad Monica of MoKnowsHair, watch here.


Get bouncy curls with the rod-set technique


Curls with movement and bounce never go out of style. Here’s how to get the coveted look using rod sets and our styling foam. Try this technique after a relaxing hair mask routine using our deeply-nourishing nutriplenish treatment masque light or deep, to treat dry, brittle strands and restore hydration for shiny, moisture-rich curls.


Prior to rolling and twisting your hair with flexi-rod sets, apply a healthy amount of our new styling foam—Featuring the nutriplenish superfood complex including coconut oil with low molecular weight; this formula quickly penetrates hair to help moisturize. That means all curl and no crunch. Also a must for maintaining or setting styles like rod set curls as it delivers a soft hold and natural shine.


Wash, foam, diffuse and go


Laid-back wash-and-go hairstyles are among the season’s most flattering. The key is that it’s easy to do and works with your natural texture. Choose our nutriplenish deep shampoo and conditioner for more decadent ingredients with more plant butters and oils than our light formulas. Finish your wash-and-go routine with our silicone-free, vegan, 94% naturally-derived1 styling foam for lush conditioning, nourishing and softening.


For a more in-depth look at how to choose the perfect nutriplenish formula for you, click to keep reading.


How-to: two-strand flat twist


The rays of the summer sun can zap hair of must-have moisture. When hair loses moisture, it can tangle. Two-strand twists help reduce knots and tangles and are one of our go-to protective styles for natural hair.


After cleansing and conditioning with nutriplenish shampoo and conditioner, rinse thoroughly. Spray in our leave-in conditioner for heat protection, detangling and 72 hours of moisture. Divide hair into six to eight sections, from the front hairline to the nape of the neck. Before applying the two-strand twist to each section, apply two to three pumps of our fast-drying, lightweight foam. This adds shine, nourishment and flexible hold, which is a must for this style.


Perfect your cornrows with hydration


We're seeing braided styles trending through the season. From Fulani braids, braided bobs and more, here's how to perfect the look with superfood-infused hydration. Whether you've had your braids for one day or one week, a daily dose of superfoods to help prevent flyaways is a must. Apply a healthy amount of our styling foam from root-to-tip.








1From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water, on average per ISO 16128 standard.