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Backstage at the New York Fashion Week Tibi Spring/Summer 2019 show, Aveda Guest Artist Frank Rizzieri of Rizzieri salons and schools led a talented team of Aveda Artists to create a DIY, nostalgia-inspired look. The theme of the Tibi show was “memories are made of this,” and Tibi founder and creative director Amy Smilovic wanted a look that reflected the “put your own stamp on it” vibe of the collection. “Hair tells an individual story,” said Smilovic.



Rizzieri’s design was definitely individual, and exceptionally attainable. “It’s DIY hair,” said Rizzieri. “It’s random placement of barrettes. Some of the hair is straight, some we’re doing wavy, some we’re leaving natural — it depends on length and texture. I’m using Texture Tonic on everyone, and beyond that, it’s really whatever the hair needs. We’re going through lots of Pure Abundance Hair Potion today.”


And the barrettes? They found them at the drugstore. “If you try to find barrettes in a drugstore in lower Manhattan today, you’re going to be out of luck,” said Rizzieri. “I bet we’ve thrown off their whole buying cycle.”


The high-low aesthetic of wearing drugstore barrettes with Tibi couture was especially well-received. “It’s about reflecting Amy’s sensibility which is simple, but statement-making,” said Rizzieri.



To get the Tibi look, use Texture Tonic as needed to enhance your hair’s natural look, and place three barrettes in the back to give it flash and an unexpected edge. And then, wear something that makes you feel fabulous for that high-low contrast.


“I didn’t want something prescriptive that had to be the same on every model,” said Smilovic. “And for people who remember the 90s, this idea of decorating your hair with hair jewelry will be very familiar, even nostalgic. This is a look you could create while playing with your hair in class.”


The morning of the show, our team of talented Aveda Artists fought the rainy urban gloom and made their way to 30 Wall Street, an under-renovations, warehouse-like space with a stunning industrial look — and a towering set of escalators used in the show. Many of the artists were Rizzieri salon staffers and graduates of the Rizzieri Aveda School. We spoke with roommates and Rizzieri Aveda Artists Jess and Amanda, who’ve been doing the Tibi show with Rizzieri for years. “We love to work on new trends, and love to see what’s happening in fashion,” said Amanda. “I really love seeing how it all comes together, all the moving parts of a show like this,” added Jess.


Bre Berry traveled from Michigan to be part of Aveda’s New York Fashion Week team, and has being doing it for the past six seasons. “I love seeing the team,” said Berry. “It’s very different from being behind the salon chair — which I love, too. But it’s such a fun experience.”



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