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BEAUTY | JUNE 2, 2017

3 Beautiful Ways to Go Green

There’s no reason beauty needs to be wasteful, says Aveda Artist Frank Rizzieri. But while going hot-tool free and using less shampoo sound good in theory, they don’t always play out in real life. Here’s how to make the most of your natural-hair moment.


1. Air-dry your hair. “Holding back on your hot tools can be a good thing for your hair and for the environment,” says Frank. “A really good way to unplug but still look polished is to wash your shoulder-length or longer hair before bed, and put it into two nice braids overnight. In the morning, you can either pull the two braids back and wrap them into a bun, or undo them for a nice wavy curl,” he says.  Tip: Mist damp hair with our Brilliant™ Damage Control™ to turn your overnight style into a mini treatment.

2. Keep Aveda Shampure™ Dry Shampoo and Thermal Dry Conditioner in the house. “Washing your hair less is going to save both water and energy,” says Frank. One of the biggest impacts of showering is the energy that goes into heating the hot water. Bonus: Our dry shampoo isn’t an aerosol, and it comes in a 25% post-consumer HDPE/ 75% bioplastic  bottle. Frank recommends patting the dry shampoo and thermal dry conditioner into your scalp with a hand towel to help distribute the product.

3. Master the hairline shampoo. For times you just can’t stretch your dry styling one more day, Frank says to revive your ‘do by simply shampooing around the hairline in the shower (tuck the rest into a shower cap). It takes practically no time, and therefore, less hot water.


And last, but not least, check for local ways to get involved in green beauty causes.