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Veganuary imagery with sticker that reads: [100% Vegan V Now and Forever]




Delving into our 100% vegan pledge

Inspired by our mission of care, 2021 marks a groundbreaking chapter in the evolution of Aveda—all of our hair care, hair color, body care, makeup and aroma products are 100% vegan—now and forever.



A planet-first legacy


Our vegan pledge is a critical step in our planet-first commitment. Cruelty-free since our inception in 1978, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility.


We are proud to have signed the Ceres Principles in 1989 to mobilize business leadership on climate change, and are proud to have put these Principles into action by, for example, becoming the first beauty company to manufacture products with 100% wind energy in our primary facility.* We were also the first beauty company to use 100% post-consumer recycled PET, with 85% of our hair and skin care bottles and jars now adhering to this standard.


At our Blaine, Minnesota headquarters our dedication to sustainability comes to life in innumerable ways such as acres of land featuring honeybee colonies, an employee-tended vegetable garden and a wind- and solar-powered main building.*



100% vegan formulas


It is through our products that our mission should be most clearly represented, which is why formulating high-performance, 100% vegan products was of chief importance. By definition, vegan products are those created without any animal or animal-derived elements such as beeswax, honey, keratin and glycerin. And although we only used honey and beeswax-derived ingredients in a limited number of our products, it was no easy task to remove them.


Veganuary imagery of bees and beeswax.

“Removing beeswax was one of the biggest challenges for Aveda formulators because it helps to create texture, structure, color payoff, and smoothness,” notes Christine Hall, Aveda’s VP of Research and Development.


Formulating without beeswax required ingenuity, creativity and innovation. After endless fine-tuning, our iconic products were reimagined as 100% vegan, delivering best-in-class performance without compromise. With plant-powered systems like botanical repair, nutriplenish and invati advanced delivering industry-leading results for all hair types and textures, it is clear that the power of vegan hair care is undeniable.



Turning heads toward the future


To mark our 100% vegan commitment, we’re introducing an array of activations throughout the month of January and into 2021. Our support of the Veganuary Challenge**—a global initiative to promote vegan choices—is one such example. In tandem with the Veganuary Challenge, we’ll be hosting The Change Series, an assortment of talks and content features that delve into all facets of sustainability. Programming includes:


• Aveda’s Barbara De Laere and Estee Lauder Company’s Nancy Mahon on why vegan beauty is the way of the future.


• Veganuary CEO Ria Rehberg on the positive impact of vegan choices.


• Model, climate activist and Aveda Global Sustainability Advocate, Arizona Muse, on her wellness regimen and essential 100% vegan Aveda products.


• Sakara Life co-founder Whitney Tingle on her favorite plant-powered recipes.


The common thread throughout all of these activations? The power of choice. In every aspect of your life, there is an opportunity to make a choice today for a brighter tomorrow. It can be as simple as integrating our 100% vegan formulas into your day-to-day personal care routine, or as profound as going 100% vegan.





Join us this month to celebrate the planet
with vegan choices. The world is in our hands. Let’s marvel in the transformations that can occur with collective positive action.







*Today, product manufacturing is powered by Aveda’s solar array and/or wind energy through renewable energy credits and carbon offsets.

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