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Product image of the limited-edition Nutriplenish Light Moisture Hair Trio.





You’ve made your lists and now you’re on the hunt for easy gift ideas. For the ultimate hair care holiday gifts, our nutriplenish gift sets are sure to delight. Discover our two hyper hydrating limited edition sets, and why they’re the perfect gifts for sisters, your best friends or to simply treat yourself.



The ultimate in hair hydration


Our 94% naturally derived* nutriplenish collection takes on dry, dull hair with the power of superfoods. Nutrient-packed pomegranate oil, mango butter and coconut oil can act as a remedy for dry hair, helping to restore hair moisture. Omega-5-rich pomegranate oil helps revitalize depleted hair, while mango butter is packed with lipids that help nourish and smooth dry hair. Lastly, luxe, rich coconut oil is full of essential fatty acids that help lock in moisture for hydration and softness.



Holiday hair care wonders


Aveda gifts are created with high-performance formulas and carefully selected ingredients. nutriplenish is cruelty free and crafted to bring hydrating hair care to everyone on your list without using silicones, sulfate cleansers or gluten. The harsh weather of the winter season makes it the perfect time to gift our limited edition nutriplenish gift sets. Extreme cold temperatures, blustery winds and indoor heating can make your hair dry and brittle, increasing the need for the deep hydration.


We formulated this collection of vegan products for all hair types and textures, so anyone can enjoy the ultra-moisturizing benefits. Our two nutriplenish gift sets, nutriplenish light moisture hair trio and nutriplenish deep moisture hair trio, offer different levels of hydration from our nutriplenish light and deep collections.




Product image of the limited-edition Nutriplenish Light Moisture Hair Trio.

If your hair is fine to medium, or if you prefer a lighter formula, then the light moisture hair trio may suit you better. This gift set features our nutriplenish shampoo and conditioner with a lightweight vegan superfood blend that quickly absorbs for nutrient-powered hydration. It’s the moisture you want that won’t weigh down your hair.


You’ll also want to choose this gift set if you usually wash your hair daily. Included in this trio is our nutriplenish leave-in conditioner, which helps hydrate and replenish hair. It’s a must-have to help detangle hair and it protects from thermal styling up to 450 degrees.




If you have medium-to-coarse or very dry hair, you’ll want a serious moisture boost from our nutriplenish deep moisture trio. This hair care gift set is ideal for those who are looking for a richer, more decadent superfood-infused formula. Created with 50% more nourishing butters than the light moisture collection, the nutriplenish deep moisture shampoo and conditioner intensely hydrate depleted hair.


If your hair is prone to tangling, this trio is ideal for gently helping to untangle while you shampoo. You’ll also want to gift yourself this set if you like to leave more time in-between washes. To help keep hair hydrated on days you don’t wash, nutriplenish leave-in conditioner adds buildable hydration that lasts up to 72 hours, in a lightweight spritz.


You’ll find more quick tips here for choosing the right set for yourself or those you’re gifting.



Gift yourself or those you love the ultimate
hair hydration sets, for high-performance
hair care all season.







*From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.