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Devout yogis understand the power of positive actions and thinking.  Yoga instructor and #AvedaPartner Laura Kasperzak practices every day, and not only gets to see the positive effects it has on her- but also for her daughter Jayden, a mini yogi at the ripe age of seven.


“It was really over the past year where Jayden’s love of yoga took off,” Laura says. “I started showing her poses when she was two; she would practice with me for five minutes and then be off playing. Now at the age of seven, I can really see how much she wants to learn and grow.”


Through Instagram posts, Laura has noted the powers of being a parent, “You are your daughter's first role model. Be brave, be kind, be humble. Have faith, have courage, find purpose. Give hugs freely and often.”


But through practicing yoga with Jayden, she’s also learning invaluable lessons from this bright seven year old. “She amazes me constantly with her fearlessness, willingness to try new things and her trust in me to support her,” Laura says.


Recently, we caught up with Laura and Jayden at the Wanderlust Festival Stratton in Vermont, and here Laura shared more about what she’s learned from Jayden.


Confidence is Key
My experience with Jayden at Wanderlust has been amazing. Not only have I watched her grow into an amazing yogi over the past few years, but here I’m witness to her growth into a confident young person who has definitely come out of her shell.


Grow Together
At Wanderlust, Jayden was so excited to go to classes, meet people and show off her skills on her mat. As a mother, it was simply awesome to watch her do something so passionately and with complete love in her eyes. The take away to me is, be yourself, be friendly and share your passion with others so everyone can grow together.


Believe in Yourself
My best moment at Wanderlust was when Jayden learned how to stand back up from Wheel Pose. I gave her some instructions and five minutes later she was doing it! It wasn’t really the act of her learning, but what she said to me afterwards when I told her I was so proud of her.  She said to me “Well, you told me to believe in myself and I did!  That’s how I knew I could do it!”


She has taught me that belief in oneself is so incredibly important to grow. I think as we grow up, we lose this innocence and immediate willingness to believe in ourselves to get things done. It continues to be a great reminder for me each time I hear her say it or tell me to believe!




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