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Wellness | July 22, 2016


Be Your Best Self

Two yogis fresh from Wanderlust inspire us to live fully


Every day we make choices that can lead us to find our best selves- it’s these pivotal moments that can change the course of our future.

And the results of this can be exhilarating. Today we are inspired by two such people who have made life-changing choices—two yogis that we recently met at Wanderlust Squaw Valley, a 4-day celebration of mindful living.

Here they share their defining moments and what it means for them to live their best life. We hope you will feel as inspired by their journeys as we do.

CHELSEY KORUS, @chelseykorus Yogi, Acrobat, Movement Specialist

Chelsey takes a moment of gratitude after her stop in the Aveda Beauty Bar at Wanderlust Squaw Valley.

The Moment: Moving from a small town to the Big Apple of New York City motivated me to live my best life ever! My two options were to suffer or to thrive, and I took the latter.

The Learning: The city showed me that I have a true passion for people. Always have, really. When I stand on a subway platform, I notice the mom struggle to get down the stairs with a stroller in tow, and before I can take a step to help, a stranger sweeps in. He could have walked right by, but he didn’t. What he knew and what he acted on, is the belief that we are all just walking each other home.

The Take Away: If you have the eyes to see it, people will surprise you with their kindness, their will to overcome impossible odds, and their ability to understand and move forward. I love that! Having a heart for humanity is the very thing that throws me out of bed in the morning. I have a dream that we will look up from our cell phones and into another pair of eyes and see ourselves. I believe it starts by exploring the beauty that surrounds us, and becoming awake to the fact that we are all in this together.

JACQUELYN, @actionjacquelyn Yoga and Barre Instructor, Blogger for, Dancer

Jacquelyn in a favorite asana pose at Wanderlust Squaw Valley

The Moment: My parents gave me the gift of sending me to ballet when I was little. That allowed me to realize my passion for dance and movement, which of course led me to yoga.

The Learning: The greatest moments in life come and go, but the best moments are the ones right in front of you, in the present. Yoga has taught me this. I was on a professional dance team for almost five years and when I decided not renew my contract it felt like I lost my identity. My whole dance career was leading up to being a notable dancer and once I achieved it, I had no idea what my next step would be, and I became depressed. I started practicing yoga and it changed my mindset. It taught me to be present, not to live in the past anymore and not be anxious about my future. I started posting my love of yoga and my story on Instagram, while I studied to eventually become a Certified Yoga Instructor.

The Take Away: I realized I loved helping people. I couldn’t believe that people from all over the world were commenting and telling me that my story inspired them. Helping people, then, became my mission. It wasn’t about me anymore; it was about them.

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