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BEAUTY | APRIL 20, 2018






It is possible to shake up your routine on a budget and still get the high-quality, high-performance products you and your hair deserve. We’ll show you how to shop and save with a few simple steps.


1. Visit us in-store for a consultation. Did you know we offer lots of FREE services in our retail stores? You can get everything from a mini facial to a makeup session, and it’s all free! If you’re looking to replenish your products but aren’t sure where to start, book a full consultation ($0!) and one of our advisors will help you figure out the best products for your hair, starting with a scalp camera consultation to determine what your scalp and is really craving. It’s a little up close and personal, but so enlightening! Oh, and it’s FREE. Did we mention that? Book one here.


2. Invest in the product you’ll use most often. If you don’t have any serious hair concerns (like thinning or damage), you can spend more on styling products and less on treatments, shampoos and conditioners. Those with curls and waves should definitely try the Be Curly Curl Enhancer ($25 sug. Retail) to intensify and add shine to curls and waves and reduce frizz. We love it so much we think you’ll probably reach for it every day. If you do need extra TLC and find yourself reaching for the curling iron or flatiron on the regular, then invest your dollars into our beloved Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair ($30 sug. retail), a daily leave-in that adds strength and softness to your hair and protects it from heat damage. After all, beautiful hair starts with daily care.


3. Try travel sizes. We offer many of our most popular products in travel size for those who are always on the road — and for those who like to try something new without making a full commitment. It’s a great way to see if a product you’re curious about is a good fit for you, and most are under $10! Travel sizes are ideal for people who like to use several different shampoos and conditioners, or who often switch up their styling routine. Our products are highly concentrated and a little goes a long way, so you don’t need to use much to get the effect you want.


4. Save for the whole family with litres. If you’re not the only person in your shower using a new shampoo, save money (and plastic) with a litre size. Our classic Shampure and Rosemary Mint shampoos and conditioners are available in litre size for a budget-friendly price ($44 sug retail.) Get a litre of the one you use most often and you’ll be surprised how long it lasts.


5. Consider a dry shampoo. Make your style last longer, saving on product and shampoo and conditioner, with Shampure Dry Shampoo ($31 sug. retail)


Do you have a budget-friendly tip for revamping your beauty routine? Share it with us in social media with #avedabeauty!