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For Aveda Artists, the formulas for hair styling products not only need to be aligned with the Aveda Mission, they need to withstand the demands of the backstage and salon life. This two-pronged approach to product development ensures we deliver the very best high-performance products that we can.


Texture Tonic has become a staple backstage at New York Fashion Week.


The process of bringing a product to counter involves our artists every step of the way. It is in the hands of our key artists that our most highly-anticipated styling product–the number one most-requested product from the Aveda network– Texture Tonic was born.

While testing two separate products, a salt spray and a sugar spray, our network of Global Aveda Artists were the ones to discover the synergy between the two ingredients. But how are our artists actually using this latest styling product?

Here are their top 10 tips to help you achieve just the right dose of undone cool to your look.


Dry Styling Tips

Be Generous
After you have blow-dried, spray through your entire head of hair, section by section, if you want a little more intensity spray directly into the roots and dry it in with heat. Don’t be frightened to use a lot, application is key–and it is hard to use too much.      
 - Bea Watson, Global Educator for Styling, U.K.


In Lieu of Hair Spray

After a round brush blow-dry, instead of using hair spray to finish, try spraying Texture Tonic scrunched into the hair for definition and texture. You can also refresh a blow dry by spraying Texture Tonic at the root and lifting sections of hair with a round brush.
 - Claude Marcel, Aveda Guest Artists, Owner of Claude Marcel Salon de Coiffure & Spa, Alexandria, VA


Boost Volume

Apply Texture Tonic to dry hair from roots to ends and twist into a loose top knot. Diffuse dry the knot and then let it down for root volume and soft waves.
 - Masa Honda, Owner & Founder of Honda Aveda Hair & Spa, Japan


After a quick blow-dry, set your hair with a few velcro rollers, spray on Texture Tonic and let dry for 5 minutes. Remove the rollers and run your fingers through your hair tilting your head forward.

 - Claude Marcel


Undo a Curling Iron Set
I love the second-day, lived-in look this product imparts. Natural, ethnic hair often needs to be touched up with a curling iron. Spray Texture Tonic after you curl the hair to loosen the pattern and help your style look less done.
 - Tippi Shorter, Aveda Guest Artist


Backstage at TIBI, a model shows off her Texture Tonic style.



Wet Styling Tips


Our Ultimate Workable Styling Product
Texture Tonic creates a soft, pliable, tousled, texture that can be layered and made stronger or lighter depending on how much you use. Use a little bit for mild texture. It’s great on damp wavy or curly hair to give light hold and definition. Twist the hair while blow drying hair to encourage waves and curls.
 - Jon Reyman, Aveda Guest Artist, Owner and Founder of Spoke & Weal Salons


Artful Air Drying
Try spraying wet hair and pinning hair in different sections on the head and letting it dry naturally for that effortless messy texture.
 - Allen Ruiz, Global Artistic Director, Hair Styling, and Owner of Ruiz Salon, Austin, Texas


Spray the product from a distance to apply evenly through the hair, and brush through with a paddle brush. Scrunch the hair to style as you wish, and leave it to dry naturally or diffuse.

 - Masa Honda


You can apply if your hair is still slightly damp but not wet, let air dry and scrunch with your hands.  As it dries, the heat from your hands will help the texture appear.
 - Bea Watson


Short vs. Long
Use more product on short hair to create a more defined texture by applying it damp and blow drying it in. On longer hair use less product to just support the style.
 - Jon Reyman


I apply Texture Tonic to short hair all over, lifting the roots up. And to long hair, I apply section by section from the root to the length.

 - Claude Marcel