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What is blockchain?

Transparency from farm to finish

Aveda is leveraging blockchain technology that provides ingredient traceability through a secure digital system.

Blockchain tracing

Mobile phones and QR codes create a tamper-proof record, tracing from farmers to processors to Aveda's primary manufacturing facility. Aveda is one of the first beauty companies to successfully launch a commercial blockchain pilot program at this scale.

Why blockchain matters

Why blockchain?

Why does blockchain matter? Blockchain technology provides traceability, which helps to ensure ingredient quality and responsible sourcing. Aveda plans to use the transparency gained from this technology to help drive environmental and social improvements. For example, now that there is transparency within the supply chain, Aveda is working with its suppliers to achieve organic certification and 3rd party verification of fair wages for the people growing and harvesting the ingredients. Aveda wants to help create a positive impact on the sourcing communities and on the environment.

Ingredient Traceability


About 80% of the world's vanilla comes from the Republic of Madagascar, an island about 250 miles off the coast of East Africa. It is the world's second-largest island country. Vanilla beans are grown by farmers there and shipped around the world. Now Aveda can track the vanilla from farmers used in its products.


Turkey produces approximately 90 types of pomegranate fruits grown primarily in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. Pomegranate is grown by farmers who sell the fruit, juice, and seeds. Now Aveda can track the pomegranate from farmers used in its products.