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    FlaxLinum usitatissimum
    One of the oldest plants in cultivation, flax seed yields an extract that is a natural holding agent. Used in our Control styling family Confixor™ Liquid Gel. Fibers from the plant are infused with resin for our Refillable Lip Color Case and the handles of our Flax Sticks™ Professional Makeup Brushes.

    Brazil Nut

    Brazil NutBertholletia excelsa
    Brazil nuts are collected and processed by indigenous peoples in the Tambopata region of the Peruvian Amazon, in a way that discourages unnecessary felling of trees and supports the life of the community. The Brazil nut tree is one of the tallest and oldest trees in the Peruvian jungle—and the source of a rich protein complex used in our Color Conserve™ Strengthening Treatment.