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Join Aveda’s Returnable Shipper Program

At Aveda, the pursuit of environmental sustainability guides every decision we make. Our new Returnable Shipper Program is our latest effort to minimize packaging and maximize our use of recyclable and post-consumer recycled materials.

Subject to eligibility.

Reduce, reuse and now, return.

Created specifically for our one-litre bottles, each Returnable Shipper can be reused
up to 20 times or more,* helping to reduce corrugate packaging weight by at least 89%.**


Produced with a minimum of 35% recycled content,
including 25% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) and 10%
Post-Industrial Recycled (PIR) materials.

Covered with fabric made with 90% recycled polyester
fibers consisting of 70% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR)
and 20% Post-industrial Recycled (PIR) materials.

Designed to be disassembled and fully recycled when
no longer in use.

The ties used to secure the returnable shipper are made
with 96% PIR material. Send the ties back alongside the
reusable cap protector to be recycled at the end of life.


Customers who are enrolled in our Auto Replenishment program and purchase eligible litres can participate in this exciting new program. Your order will arrive with the returnable shipper from your second replenishment order onwards. We invite you to sign up today.

Eligible litres include: rosemary mint purfying shampoo, weightless conditioner & hand and body wash; shampure nurturing shampoo, conditioner & hand and body wash; botanical repair strengthening shampoo & conditioner; nutriplenish shampoo & conditioner light and deep moisture; invati advanced exfoliating shampoo light, rich and thickening conditioner; blue malva shampoo; cherry almond softening shampoo & conditioner; color conserve shampoo & conditioner; pure abundance volumizing shampoo & conditioner; scalp benefits balancing shampoo; be curly shampoo; brilliant shampoo & conditioner; damage remedy restructuring shampoo. 



Receive and return your
shipper in a few simple steps

When your order arrives,
cut the box’s zip tie seal.
Please help us recover these ties by sending
your used lock with your shipper to be recycled.
Unzip the box and remove
your litre bottle, pump, and
reusable cap protector.
Collapse the empty shipper by
lifting up the base and folding
in the shorter sides.
Zip the outer layers
Your return shipping label is already loaded into
the pouch, and should be face-up.

Return the shipper by scheduling
a UPS pickup or dropping off at
any UPS location.

Please return your box within
two weeks of initial receipt to
help us ensure that all registered
customers can participate in
the program.

No payment needed.


*Based on conservative estimate of supplier’s/ Returnity’s analysis of the expected usable life of the box
**Based on an empty Aveda corrugate shipping box and dunnage and an empty returnable shipper used 20 times.

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