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artist tips:
modern nomad
Aveda’s Allen Ruiz, Aveda Global Artistic Director for Hair Styling, created an intricately wrapped ponytail for Naadam Fall/Winter 2015 that showcased the intrepid style of today’s modern nomad. “The modern nomad is always on the go. She doesn’t want to spend too much time in front of the mirror, but she wants to look effortlessly chic,” Ruiz says.
step 1
Starting with clean, air-dried hair, divide in two sections from each ear; pin top half of hair on top of head. 
step 2
Taking smaller section in the bottom half of the hair, generously spray hair from roots to ends with pure abundance™ style-prep™  for added texture.
step 3
Section by section, twist saturated hair and massage each twist to loosen. Blow dry to build in texture and wave. Leave the twists to set. 
step 4
With all twists completed on the bottom of the head, take the top section and apply pure abundance™ hair potion  for added texture. Repeat section twists from Step 3.
step 5
While the top twists dry; start to unravel the bottom twists, gently pulling them apart to reveal waves. 
step 6
Take two small bottom sections of hair from each ear to nape and pull the sections crisscrossed over the hair to form the wrapped ponytail. Cross the sections once again under the hair and repeat for a second wrap; secure with clear elastic.
step 7
Gently pull the hair at the crown of head to loosen the ponytail. Spray with pure abundance™ style-prep™ and blow dry for one more surge of texture.
step 8
Finish with a light mist of  air control™ hair spray
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