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  • “As a mother myself, I know the demands of juggling career and family, so I take any little moments I can. Stress-fix concentrate is one of my favorite portable de-stressors. I can just throw it in my purse and de-stress wherever I am. I apply a little to my wrists/palms and inhale 3 times. Love the aroma! I then do a little self massage on my neck and shoulders and it grounds me. Caribbean therapy instantly transports me to the islands. When I’m busy working and can’t get on a plane, I soak in the tub and inhale the amazing aroma, which relaxes me.”

  • “All women want to feel pretty and generally pick shades that enhance their natural beauty. The shades in limited-edition Art of Nature Makeup collection are perfect for that and Mother’s Day as they are soft and feminine. The textures are petal soft and simply pretty—reminding me of the fresh buds of Spring: petal essence single eye color in cinnamon bark, bare bellis and lantana; petal essence face accent in hibiscus and nourish-mint sheer mineral lip color in melochia bloom.”

  • Aveda love pure-fume rollerball is great for your mother to slip in her purse and reapply during the day to remind her of sweet family memories. The shampure soy wax candle fills any room with the aroma of her favorite products. Stress-fix soaking salts and body lotion to make sure she has a stress-free year. Aveda comforting tea to remind her to take time out and enjoy a healthy, soothing herbal blend and nourish-mint rehydrating lip glaze in raspberry tea, just because!”

  • “My mom loves control force hair spray for the aroma and hold, color conserve shampoo, stress-fix soaking salts (she loves the aroma AND long baths) and stress-fix body lotion. These are her gift wants!”

  • “My picks for Mother’s Day are all about being pampered. It’s about feeling and looking your best inside and out: invati system, hand relief, pure abundance style-prep and tourmaline charged skin care.

Janell Geason

Artistic Director, Makeup

Ian Michael Black

Artistic Director, Hair Color

Allen Ruiz

Artistic Director, Hair Styling

Ricardo Dinis

Artistic Director, Hair Cutting