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"I just feel like everyone should try it. I feel like I'll use the invati products for the rest of my life."


"I'm not fearful anymore that I'm going to lose my hair. It's great."


"It did what it said it was going to do. My hair looks great... I'm a huge fan. Huge."


"Some girlfriends that I hadn't seen for quite awhile...they all said, whatever you're doing, we're buying it."


"I would classify it as an investment in myself. I feel that I'm worth it."


"It just makes you feel more confident and makes you feel like you're the best that you can be."


"I remember the first time I used it, it made a huge difference... just keep using it, definitely."


"It actually far exceeded my original expectation. I'm excited with the results. I definitely smile a lot more."


"invati actually makes me feel better about my hair, especially with all the compliments I get."


I like the fullness that I'm getting... and I'm getting a lot of compliments, which is a good thing.

Product Reviews

  • I LOVE the way the shampoo & conditioner smell! I used all 3 products together for almost a month before my scalp started to burn from the Scalp Revitalizer spray. I began to get red, rashy marks on my scalp and hairline where I sprayed and rubbed the revitalizer. I stopped using the entire system for about a month before I went back to using the shampoo & conditioner only. I didn't have any more problems with my scalp and continue to use the shampoo & conditioner 2x a week. I wouldn't recommend the revitalizer of you have sensitive skin as it may burn and cause a rash. My hair feels thicker and grows a little quicker now after using this product for several months.

  • My husband and I have been using Invati for a little over a year. It definitely adds fullness. It works and we love it.

  • This used with the shampoo has definitely helped my thinning hair. It is like using a vitamin rinse-so healthy. Aveda products are the best!

  • I really like the fragrance of this product! My hair feels a little fuller when I use it and I've noticed slightly fewer hairs in my shower drain.

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