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  • “If I’m going to a party and the host is my girlfriend or sisters, I’ll make sure to bring Give Smiles and Give Twinkling Eyes—my absolute favorite picks for Holiday parties. The winterberry and himalayan snow hues of the mini lip glazes in Give Smiles are perfect for their skin tones, and Give Twinkling Eyes has all the prettiest eye color shades of the season. If I’m heading out to a party hosted by anyone else, I’ll bring Give Soft Hands. You really can’t go wrong with a trio of Hand Relief™!”

  • “Although I would rather give gifts than receive them…I love the idea of Give Soothing. I really can’t resist the aroma of shampureTM. And now I can have it in hand and body wash and lotion? This gift sounds amazing. I also love my baths (they’re my retreat after a long day) so I would love Baths of Beauty. It includes my favorite beautifying oil—I use it every night.”

  • “I love lighting candles at gatherings to create a great ambiance. And I always get tons of compliments, so I end up giving those as gifts. The classic Aveda Holiday Soy Wax Candle in Give Warmth is the perfect gift to warm the home.”

  • “I always try to give thoughtful gifts to my loved ones…maybe something they have mentioned months before. (My six-year-old daughter will be the exception as she mentions everything!) The one special gift I will give my family is a long- overdue island vacation. Our luggage will be packed full of lip saver™ and sun care protective hair veil to keep our lips and hair gorgeous in the tropical sun.”

  • “I'm pretty easy when it comes to gift giving. Small things make me very happy. My husband is a thoughtful gift giver and he knows I'm a lover of the shampure™ candle, so I hope to see a few of those under the tree! Give Soothing includes body care versions of that shampure scent that’s been my favorite aroma since my introduction to Aveda almost 20 years ago. So of course, that would also be a gift I’d like to receive. And because winter can be brutal on hair, I would love to get the Give Stronger Hair set for a little extra nourishment.”

  • chakra™ 1 balancing body mist has this fresh, clean, warming smell that is perfect for the winter season and my choice to wear for holiday gatherings. I also like to use beautifying composition™, an amazing multi-purpose skin and body oil that really helps keep my skin fresh and avoid the dry, dull skin that winter can cause.”

  • “I’ll give the Give Spa Nights set of limited edition cleansers and creams to encourage my friends and family to pamper themselves with at-home spa treats on those cold nights in. This gift set will help them feel renewed and replenished. Give warmth is also a great gift that includes the candle I wait for all year. I love how it fills your home with the aroma of ginger and clove to create that cozy, festive feeling.”

  • Give Baths of Beauty tops my list. This set has my all-time favorite aroma introduced to a line of new limited-edition products. I just can't wait to lie in a hot bath and soak up the smell of rosemary and bergamot! I’d also really like to receive Aveda men pure-formance™ shampoo and conditioner, they’re the perfect companions to go with me wherever I go. They're just so convenient to carry, and small enough to fly in my handheld luggage.”

  • “I never want to show up empty handed at a holiday party. And I love taking Aveda holiday candles to parties. Our Give Warmth candle with its warm and spicy new aroma of ginger, ginger lily and clove is the perfect host/hostess gift—it will make any home or office feel cozy.”

  • Give Baths of Beauty will be the gift I give this year! It’s perfect because the beautifying composition™, body wash and body moisturizer with essences of rosemary and bergamot are not usually available and everyone loves the aroma of Aveda’s beautifying oil. This year they can have it in three different products!”

  • “I am hoping to receive any gifts that help me improve and care for my face: really any product from the Tourmaline charged collection. Give Great Shaves would also be nice to see under the tree!“

  • “I will be giving the holiday soy wax candle, Give Warmth, as my favorite pick for holiday parties. I just love the aroma and I am sure everyone else will, too! It's the perfect gift—it has a captivating stimulating, warm aroma that creates excitement and the ambiance of celebration.”

  • “I’ve picked out two Aveda gift sets that I think are just perfect for all the men and women in my life. Give Great Shaves and Give Stronger Hair will be my go-to holiday gifts for friends and family. What’s not to love about the naturally soothing benefits of aveda men pure-formance™ and the beauty of Damage Remedy™?”

  • “I love a good bath! So of course, I am really hoping that someone (or maybe a few someones) will surprise me with Give Spa Nights. With all of its replenishing and soothing lotions for full-body pampering, it has everything I need to indulge!”


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Artistic Director, Makeup

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Artistic Director, Textured Hair

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Artistic Director, Hair Color

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Artistic Director, Hair Styling

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Artistic Director, Hair Cutting