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  • “If I’m going to a party and the host is my girlfriend or sisters, I’ll make sure to bring Give Smiles and Give Twinkling Eyes—my absolute favorite picks for Holiday parties. The winterberry and himalayan snow hues of the mini lip glazes in Give Smiles are perfect for their skin tones, and Give Twinkling Eyes has all the prettiest eye color shades of the season. If I’m heading out to a party hosted by anyone else, I’ll bring Give Soft Hands. You really can’t go wrong with a trio of Hand Relief™!”

  • "Working for Aveda, my friends and family expect only Aveda! So, of course, I'll give some of my favorite gift sets: Give a Remedy for Stress and A Gift for the Senses (a perfect little sampler fit for my girlfriends that features new options in aroma, including my new favorite: stress-fix™)."

  • "Although I would rather give gifts than receive them... I love our Spa Days are A Gift set. I don't indulge in spa products for myself enough so when I get it as a gift I am excited! I love taking baths to unwind after a long day so the idea of lighting the new Holiday Candle and soaking in the bath with soothing aqua therapy bath salts sounds amazing."