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Aveda Issues Voluntary Consumer Recall of Lash Abundance Boosting Serum

BLAINE, MINNESOTA, March 6, 2012 - The Aveda Corporation ("Aveda") today announced a voluntary consumer recall of its Lash Abundance Boosting Serum after Aveda determined that the preservative system in the formula may not be sufficient to protect against certain microorganisms.   Aveda is recalling all Lash Abundance Boosting Serum from anyone who has purchased or received this product.   The product launched to consumers on or about February 12, 2012 in the United States, Canada and Australia, March 1 in limited European markets, and preview samples were distributed prior to that time.
Aveda conducted a thorough evaluation and determined that the risk of eye irritation or infection in healthy individuals following use of this product is low. However, there could be a heightened health risk for some consumers, such as individuals with pre-existing cornea conditions, users of permanent or extended wear contact lenses, or those with weakened or suppressed immune systems.
This recall affects all Lash Abundance Boosting Serum products.  Consumers should stop using this product and discard or return it immediately.  Consumers may obtain a full refund by returning the product or presenting a receipt to the place of purchase or by calling Aveda's consumer line at the following numbers:
-          U.S.: 1-800-342-4121
-          U.K. and Ireland:  0800 074 6905
-          Germany, Switzerland and Austria:  00800 3783 3784
-          Benelux:  32 27 16 85 19
-          Australia:  1-800-061-326

No other Aveda products are affected.
"Our number one priority is the safety of our consumers, which is why we have voluntarily initiated this recall of Lash Abundance Boosting Serum," stated Dominique Conseil, President of Aveda.  "We are sorry for this inconvenience and any concern this has caused."
Lash Abundance Boosting Serum has been sold to consumers through salons, retail stores, Aveda Institutes and Aveda's websites.